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George Szasz, CM, MD

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Letters / October 2018

Happy 60th birthday to the writers, editors, designers, and all others who create the BC Medical Journal! This journal forms a common bond for the doctors of our province. In addition to presenting valued medical... Read More

Letters / March 2017

A recent survey of BCMJ readers indicated that “only about 9% of readers use as their primary reading medium.” The research results presented do not specify what percentage of doctors read the ... Read More

Book cover of The Reservoir
News / June 2016

By Douglas Hassan, MD. New York, NY: Page Publishing, 2015. ISBN 978-1-68139-655-2. Paperback. Dr Hassan was in several of my classes while working toward his medical degree at UBC in 1987, and then went on to... Read More

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Humor is the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter, or at least some amusement. People of all ages and cultures respond to humor of one kind or another. The word comes from the Latin for “body fluid” and its... Read More

Valentine's Day
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I met her 66 years ago. I was in my fourth year of medicine and lived in the old North Vancouver hospital with two classmates. We wrote patients’ histories for next day’s surgeries—sometimes five or six tonsillectomies... Read More

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Running records continue to be broken beyond expectations, but is there a limit to human speed? Foot racing became popular in England in the 17th century, when masters would wager on the race results of their footmen... Read More

Trouble sleeping
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One thing that endears me to the BCMJ is the editor’s page. DRR writes thoughtful, often funny comments about the world around us. His December editorial, “Sleep, when it no longer comes naturally,” was a bit of a... Read More

3-D medical printing
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The development and commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic held its 16th annual Medical Innovations Summit in October 2018. The clinic’s scientists and physicians sifted through 100 nominations to select 10 up-... Read More