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George Szasz, CM, MD

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A female Mallard duck and her babies, in a pool
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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, public demonstrations for racial equality, and caring for my wife in her deep dementia, there was a lovely short pause in my life. For the last month we had... Read More

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I love dictionaries. I have at least a dozen different ones, including several medical dictionaries. I cannot even lift my Random House Dictionary of the English Language, and my Canadian Oxford Dictionary is only a bit... Read More

Doctor talking to a patient
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Dr Mark Elliott’s article in the BCMJ’s January/February issue is an earnest, simplified, yet still confounding explanation of CRISPR,[1] an emerging genetic manipulation procedure for patients suffering from... Read More

Empty roll of toilet paper
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A few weeks ago, while standing in a lineup for toilet tissue, my friend, standing 6 feet away, turned to me laughing, and said, “You know, in 1973 the comedian Johnny Carson read some false information about toilet... Read More

Man smiling while looking at his smartphone
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In the early 1970s I received a small grant to conduct a consultation on the air with a volunteer couple in Victoria. This was something very new. I was broadcasting from a room at the BC Tel (now Telus) office in... Read More