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George Szasz, CM, MD

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Statue of Gassy Jack in Gastown, Vancouver, BC
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I was searching for historical material for a Labour Day blog post when I discovered that there are walking tours in Vancouver focusing on working class life and labor history—commemorating the importance of labor... Read More

It's time for chromotherapy
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Since the early 1990s we have shaped our medical practices in various ways, such as with evidence-based medicine, translational medicine, narrative medicine, evolutionary medicine, personalized medicine, and precision... Read More

Performing C-sections on request
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I always thought that the primum non nocere injunction to physicians came from the fertile minds of Galen or Hippocrates, but I discovered that the elegant English version, first, do no harm, is attributed to Dr Thomas... Read More

BCMJ, 60 years
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Happy 60th birthday to the writers, editors, designers, and all others who create the BC Medical Journal! This journal forms a common bond for the doctors of our province. In addition to presenting valued medical... Read More

advances in modern medical technology
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Recently I have been reading about the not-too-distant future when our toilet tissue will give us a reading on the microbial chemicals in our intestines, with recommendations of foods that we should eat to correct for... Read More

Celebrating health holidays
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Hungarian being my mother tongue, I often wonder about the use of certain words in my adopted English language. With the approach of the summer season, I took interest in the word holiday. In the Hungarian language... Read More

Families with two dads
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While celebrating Mother’s Day 108 years ago, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane wanted to designate a special day for her father. Mr Dod raised Sonora from newborn to adulthood after Mrs Dod died soon after Sonora’s birth.... Read More