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George Szasz, CM, MD

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the future of physical exams
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In the 1960s the Star Trek television series took the viewer to life on a spaceship traveling beyond our solar system. Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy, medical officer of the spaceship, was equipped with a tricorder, a medical... Read More

email pen-pals
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In August 1958 my favorite cartoon character, Charlie Brown, began to write to his pen-pal for the first time but was soon thwarted when he spilled ink all over his letter. The stalwart little character did not give up... Read More

Reading while recovering
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My total hip surgery and my 90th birthday happened within days of each other. My supportive friends gifted me with books both to celebrate the occasions and to provide me with entertainment while I was in temporary home... Read More

The Gendered Brain
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Brains are not naturally male or female, is the thesis put forward by neuroscientist Gina Rippon in a new book, The Gendered Brain: How Neuroscience Explodes the Myths of the Male and Female Brain.  What is... Read More

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Monday 5 August is BC Day, a civic holiday to celebrate achievements in our province and relax with friends and family members in our gardens or our lovely public places. I do not have a green thumb and hardly know the... Read More

Dementia: Remembering on her birthday
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On Sunday we celebrated my wife’s 95th birthday. We had balloons, we wore funny hats, and we had a cake with many candles. We were noisy and laughed a lot; we kissed her and caressed her fresh haircut. She sat quietly... Read More

Bowels and brains
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The first records of fecal transplantation date back to 4th century China for gastrointestinal complaints. Fifteen centuries later, in the 1950s, bacteriologist Stanley Falkow, concerned about the side effects of... Read More

Canada Day
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I knew about Canada in a geographical sense while going to school in my native Hungary, but we were never taught about this country’s history. In my early youth it never entered my mind to live here. Then, just after... Read More