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George Szasz, CM, MD

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A stethoscope sits on top of an old medical textbook
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I was accepted into UBC Medical School in 1951 with the proviso that I take a couple English courses in summer school. The admissions committee was satisfied with my science-oriented premed studies, but thought that... Read More

A teenager sits in a hallway, head down
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Being as I am in the 90-plus age category, I had the privilege to receive the Pfizer vaccine against the COVID-19 virus some time ago. As I was searching for more information about the biochemistry of the vaccines and... Read More

A large diamond ring
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My lifelong friend, Frank, died in 2005. In his will he left a 3.1-carat European cut diamond ring to my wife. The ring belonged to Frank’s mother, who had the ring hidden with friends in June 1944. Days later, Frank’s... Read More

View of the water from the deck of a cruise ship
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Most of the time that I spend on the water is in my red, 25 foot long, 14 inch wide singles rowing boat with two oars. Apart from occasional trips on BC Ferries, the last time I traveled on a passenger-carrying ship of... Read More

A page from Hamlet
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I have to admit that the comics page is my favorite page in the daily newspaper. My current favorite is Agnes. The other day I was checking out the day’s Monty, another daily strip that I enjoy. The Monty character was... Read More

Lonely senior man sitting on a park bench
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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” This is from legendary baseball player and advisor, Yogi Berra. Unlike him, I have never played baseball and never felt quite comfortable giving advice to my patients.... Read More

Graphic showing health care trends and innovative technologies
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The following 10 medical innovations are anticipated to make a significant difference in medical care in 2021. They were recently announced at the Cleveland Clinic’s 2020 Medical Innovation Summit. In its 18th year, the... Read More