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  • The BCMJ is overseen and peer reviewed by an eight-physician Editorial Board that operates at arms-length from Doctors of BC so that it can be an open forum for debate on any topic. Click to learn more.


  • Established in 1959, the BCMJ provides continuing medical education with a focus on evidence-based medicine, along with debate on medicine and medical politics, and more. Click to learn more.


  • First published in 1959, the BCMJ is a general medical journal governed by an editorial board of physicians from numerous disciplines. It is the official publication of Doctors of BC. Click to learn more.


  • If you have questions about writing an article based on something you've read in the BCMJ, Click to learn more.


  • Permission to reprint a BCMJ article or to link to our site is granted in most cases, but you must contact us first. Click to learn more.