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George Szasz, CM, MD

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Valentine's Day
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On 14 February we celebrate romance, often by exchanging Valentine’s cards decorated with heart symbols. Legend has it that in the 3rd century AD a Roman priest, Valentine, (now Saint Valentine) was executed for helping... Read More

Neil Peart, drummer for Rush
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In February 1997 the members of the Canadian rock trio Rush were invested as officers of the Order of Canada. The trio’s extraordinary drummer and lyricist Neil Peart was renowned for his technical proficiency, energy,... Read More

Possible therapy for peanut allergies
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The top 10 medical innovations that may make a significant difference in medical care in 2020 were recently announced at the Cleveland Clinic’s 2019 Medical Innovation Summit. The yearly meeting, now in its 17th year,... Read More

Is there a Santa Claus?
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In 1897, 8-year-old Virginia turned to her father when her friends claimed that there is no Santa Claus. The girl’s father said if New York’s Sun newspaper said there was a Santa, then it was so. The girl wrote... Read More