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George Szasz, CM, MD

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Empty roll of toilet paper
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A few weeks ago, while standing in a lineup for toilet tissue, my friend, standing 6 feet away, turned to me laughing, and said, “You know, in 1973 the comedian Johnny Carson read some false information about toilet... Read More

Man smiling while looking at his smartphone
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In the early 1970s I received a small grant to conduct a consultation on the air with a volunteer couple in Victoria. This was something very new. I was broadcasting from a room at the BC Tel (now Telus) office in... Read More

A plague doctor with a beak mask from the seveteenth century.
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In 165 AD an unknown condition (possibly small pox or measles) killed over 5 million people in Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Roman soldiers brought the disease back to Rome and the Roman army itself was also... Read More