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George Szasz, CM, MD

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A page from Hamlet
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I have to admit that the comics page is my favorite page in the daily newspaper. My current favorite is Agnes. The other day I was checking out the day’s Monty, another daily strip that I enjoy. The Monty character was... Read More

Lonely senior man sitting on a park bench
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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” This is from legendary baseball player and advisor, Yogi Berra. Unlike him, I have never played baseball and never felt quite comfortable giving advice to my patients.... Read More

Graphic showing health care trends and innovative technologies
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The following 10 medical innovations are anticipated to make a significant difference in medical care in 2021. They were recently announced at the Cleveland Clinic’s 2020 Medical Innovation Summit. In its 18th year, the... Read More

A school
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There are 60 school districts in BC, with 1578 public and 364 independent (some private) schools, filled with about 555 000 students. I set out to learn which of these schools are named after a physician and, with a... Read More

self care
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With or without our pandemic-related social isolation, individual attitudes about intimate self- or partner-stimulation vary wildly. Some people privately accept masturbation but ridicule it publicly, or attach some... Read More

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I have never been much of a runner, let alone a long-distance runner. Still, the title of Alan Sillitoe’s rather sad short story, “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner,” has become a metaphor for my current mental... Read More