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George Szasz, CM, MD

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Pixie the pet therapy dog
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In 2017 Pixie was an 8-year-old, well-padded, disciplined, loving therapy dog; a Shih Tzu Cairn Terrier mix who would visit us each week for about an hour. It became a ritual: my wife’s caregivers and I would arrange... Read More

Young nurse and senior patient waiting for a diabetes test result while wearing surgical face masks
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November is diabetes month, and 2021 marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin. At the time of its discovery, it appeared that insulin would solve the problem of diabetes worldwide, but over the 100 years since,... Read More

Near-death experience
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The emergence of intensive-care medicine as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation has enabled people who had passed the traditional “there is no pulse, the heart has stopped” threshold of biological death to come back,... Read More

Futuristic humanoid robot
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In a recent issue of the Vancouver Sun’s weekend review, concerns were raised about who has access to the data emanating from our robotic gadgets. Specifically, the article focused on robot vacuum cleaners that are able... Read More

Historical documents
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I am going to be 92 years old in a few weeks and am at a crossroad in my life. My wife of 66 years has been in the depths of her dementia for several years, being taken care of by efficient caregivers at home. Just... Read More

A middle-aged woman with long gray hair
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Recent research into the cause of prematurely graying hair strands is offering a faint hope for two promising outcomes: reversal of unwelcome sudden graying and possible access to our biological history hidden... Read More