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Young female doctor being harassed by a superior
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A recent Lancet editorial[1] quotes a survey of 2458 doctors in a report on sexism in medicine for the British Medical Association that found that 91% of women doctors in the UK have experienced sexism in the workplace... Read More

AI in medicine
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The grandchild of a good friend of mine is about to graduate as a paralegal. Little does she know that, according to predictions by Oxford researchers, it is likely that by 2033 94% of paralegals will lose their jobs... Read More

Physician mother
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On Mother’s Day this year I will lift my glass three times.  My first toast will celebrate Dr Emily Howard Jennings Stowe (1831–1903). Graduate of a US medical school in 1867, she was the first Canadian woman... Read More

Drs Cushing and Osler
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I recently came across a Medscape Medical News item from July 2020 about a medical student’s complaint, on Twitter, about an inappropriate description of Cushing disease in a popular textbook, Dr Pestana’s Surgery Notes... Read More

Patient at a doctor's office for a consult
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Since Sir William Osler’s call for “bedside medicine,” emphasizing compassion for patients, we have been urged to achieve the practice through “evidence-based medicine,” “evolutionary medicine,” and more recently “... Read More

Pixie the pet therapy dog
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In 2017 Pixie was an 8-year-old, well-padded, disciplined, loving therapy dog; a Shih Tzu Cairn Terrier mix who would visit us each week for about an hour. It became a ritual: my wife’s caregivers and I would arrange... Read More