Clinical Articles

Ice hockey players face off on indoor rink
Clinical Articles / March 2020 BY: Hilary Drake, BSc, Courtney Zimmerman, BTech, CPHI(C), Guy Osachoff, CPHI(C), Greg Baytalan, BSc, CPHI(C), Muddassir Siddiqui, BDS, MPH, Gillian Frosst, BSc, MPH, Silvina C. Mema, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Case data On 12 February 2019, a hospitalist physician at the Kelowna General Hospital contacted the Interior Health on-call medical health officer (MHO) to report a cluster of respiratory illness... Read More

An elderly man holds his head in his hands at the sick bed of an older woman.
Clinical Articles / January/February 2020 BY: Konia Trouton, MD, FCFP, Rosanne Beuthin, RN, PhD, Marney Thompson, MA, Anne Bruce, RN, PhD, Chloe Lemire-Elmore, MD, Amelia Zhang, Helena Daudt, PhD

Background Medical assistance in dying (MAID) became legal in Canada in June 2016.[2] Because MAID is a relatively new treatment option, it is unclear at this time what, if any, bereavement... Read More