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James A. Wilson, MD

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Editorials / April 2001

About 6 months ago I was just finishing up 12 days without a break. It was 5:30 Friday afternoon and I was looking forward to 2 days of needed rest. My reverie was suddenly shattered when my receptionist reminded me... Read More

Editorials / March 2001

Well, so much for the "we’re going to include all stakeholders in health decision making" and "we see the value of the opinions of frontline health-care workers in health-care planning" rhetoric of the current... Read More

Editorials / January/February 2001

According to most sieclephiles, 1 January 2001 is the real start of the new millennium, so I suppose this bit of rambling incoherence is more appropriate than the 2000 version. Traditionally at this time of the year, I... Read More