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James A. Wilson, MD

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Editorials / January/February 2004

I just love living in BC. Besides all the obvious feel-good things we constantly hear trumpeted by the “Beautiful BC” people in the Ministry of Tourism, there is a constant cornucopia of yummy political gaffes regularly... Read More

Editorials / December 2003

With the current medical-political mood in both this province and this country running close to the boil, it is difficult to write about anything apolitical. One of the more worrisome recent trends is a strident, freely... Read More

Editorials / December 2003

Dr Phil Ashmore recently submitted a historical article to the BCMJ entitled “The early development of cardiac surgery in British Columbia.” This article, soon to be published in our Journal, provides a... Read More

Editorials / November 2003

The French paradox was never a paradox to me. It always seemed so obvious that the reason the French (particularly that group with whom I share gender identity) lived long, healthy lives without a statistically... Read More

Editorials / October 2003

I have always been impressed by the seeming ease with which cartoonists convey complex thoughts and ideas in their limited medium. One cartoon I remember clearly shows a character, index finger pointing skyward, face... Read More

Editorials / September 2003

Every year, usually in February, I am taken aside and reminded by the BCMJ staff that I have to write an annual report. This is something I actually enjoy doing because it gives me an opportunity to praise, in... Read More

Editorials / July/August 2003

Every so often I end up doing something I said I would never do. Generally the philosophical compromise is a few Hail Marys short of a cardinal sin, and usually involves paying way too much for something I didn’t need.... Read More

Editorials / June 2003

I grew up in Vancouver during the polio epidemic of the late 1940s and early 1950s and I can clearly recall the fear my parents exhibited whenever I asked if I could go to the neighborhood outdoor swimming pool when I... Read More

Editorials / May 2003

In mid-March my wife and I flew back into Vancouver International Airport after being in Argentina for a few weeks. The two stops in the US on the way home were highlighted by the long waits created by the Bush... Read More

Editorials / April 2003

The article in this month’s issue by Drs Timothy Christie and Perry Kendall is an important one and should be required reading for every physician in BC. This is the first time that HIV has been designated a... Read More