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James A. Wilson, MD

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Editorials / December 2004

In the 21st century the majority of medical/scientific journals require their authors to provide conflict of interest statements with their manuscripts. The reasons for this are obvious, particularly for outcome studies... Read More

Editorials / November 2004

The BCMJ publishes 10 issues per year and three or four of those are so-called theme issues. We know from readership surveys that a substantial majority of readers appreciate them. We have always tried to... Read More

Editorials / September 2004

Fate often has a nasty habit of biting you in the nether regions when you least expect it. Recently, on a rainy weekend day with a clear head and heavily encumbered with an air of ass-bite indifference, I picked up a... Read More

Editorials / April 2004

For two days in February, Canada’s first ministers met in Vancouver to discuss common concerns and develop strategies to deal with the bad news indicators that kept leaking out of Ottawa’s back rooms. This was... Read More