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James A. Wilson, MD

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Editorials / January/February 2002

Over the years I have regularly found myself pleasantly bemused by finding that most high-profile politicians do what you predict they will do. I don’t think this is a startling revelation as these people’s public... Read More

Editorials / October 2001

Several people have asked me recently how the BCMJ decides what to print each month. My quick response usually is that it is not really a very formal process, we just print them as we get them. However, after... Read More

Editorials / October 2001

There are occasional lapses in the smooth flow of contained, semi-organized electromagnetic pulses that for some strange reason result in sentience. These brief lapses in sentience we humans lightly refer to as “Oops, I... Read More

Editorials / September 2001

Image, it seems, continues to be an important part of interactive perceptions. For instance, I think we would all feel a little uncomfortable if the two people sitting in the cockpit of the Boeing 747 were dressed in... Read More

Editorials / July / August 2001

A few years ago I made an important mental-health maintenance decision. I decided to get off the emotional roller-coaster ride our politicians love to take us on whenever the BC electorate decides to give the incumbent... Read More

Editorials / June 2001

Over the years the BCMA has managed to govern itself reasonably well in spite of the size of its Board of Directors. Currently there are 40 people sitting around the table who individually represent a variety of... Read More

Editorials / May 2001

We all experience occasional interludes in our daily unplottable travels into chaos when we retreat briefly into the land of alpha waves. Some of my recent self-hypnotic states have been even more obscure than the usual... Read More