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James A. Wilson, MD

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Editorials / October 2006

In February of 2007 the BCMJ will host its first CME event—a Caribbean cruise. We undertake this new venture with a certain amount of trepidation, but expect to make some money to help defray our publishing... Read More

Editorials / September 2006

For some strange and uncomfortable reason, likely part of an inexorable maturation process, I finally understand the importance of the freedoms many of our forefathers risked their lives to defend. Our basic freedoms... Read More

News / September 2006

BCMA web site review—the numbers After a web site is 3 to 4 years old, it is customary to look at how well it caters to its key users and what improvements can be made to its navigation, design, and content. The BCMA... Read More

Lady sitting in a waiting room, impatient patient
Editorials / June 2006

As a pathologically goal-oriented person, I find long waits in line are usually a teeth-gnashing, expletive-mumbling endurance test, but a recent 2-hour period of standing (more like fidgety dancing) in an interminably... Read More

News / January/February 2006

Doctors in the news Taunton named chief medical officer for 2010 University of BC sports medicine doctor, Dr Jack Taunton has been selected as the chief medical officer for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Dr Taunton,... Read More