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George Szasz, CM, MD

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On 8 March 2018, International Women’s Day, you would not expect to read a blog post focused on a male caregiver, but please hear me out.  For over 2 years my wife, in her advanced state of dementia, has been... Read More

Burning toast
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I turned on my computer this morning and clicked on the Google webpage to do a search on aphasia, and, in particular, on Pierre Paul Broca, the celebrated neuroanatomist of the 1850s. To my irritation the Google logo... Read More

The mystery of sexuality
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A former colleague and ardent reader of the London Times brought my attention to an article in the 2 December 2017 issue: “Gay twin may offer an answer to mystery of our sexuality.” The mystery is how we become and act... Read More

Medical innovations
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Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the development and commercialization arm of the Cleveland Clinic, held its 15th annual Medical Innovations Summit in October 2017. A panel of doctors and researchers presented advancements... Read More