The BCMJ connects with physicians and patients on and through our social media channels. We have the following vision for how we see our online capability: will enrich physicians’ work life by providing existing and exclusive content online and by driving the use of social media as an open forum for all.

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One doctor’s experience illustrates how involvement in the BCMA led him in directions he never would have even thought of, let alone considered.

Experience with the long-defunct Victoria Section of General Practice led to my being elected to the BCMA Board of Directors many years ago. I was certainly a novice, being shy, and politically naive. I couldn’t speak in public and would break into a sweat if asked to stand in a crowd and give my phone number. 

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They took a leap of faith in the 1970s. Now, starting the 2010s with a new EMR, the Caledonian Clinic physicians share their experience.

Caledonian Clinic is a busy medical practice in Nanaimo with a radiology facility, a surgical room, and 65 full-time and part-time general practitioners, specialists, and staff. It is one of two or three of the largest private practice clinics in BC. 

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