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Kathleen Cadenhead, MD

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A selection of food, including fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts, and a stethoscope with a heart-shaped cut-out in the middle
COHP / June 2018

Patients often report feeling mentally and physically unwell after eating fat-, salt-, or sugar-laden foods. Though the precise mechanisms underlying these symptoms are unclear, extensive self-reports support the notion... Read More

COHP / May 2016

Discussions about how to best manage weight occur frequently in physicians’ offices. Patients enter our offices with the desire to lose weight for myriad reasons, from management of cardiovascular disease, diabetes,... Read More

Sunglasses, inscription vitamin D and shape of sun on sand at beach, summer time and healthy lifestyle
COHP / November 2015

Vitamin D has been a nutrient of interest for its role in bone health and its potential roles in cancer and diabetes prevention, immune system and neuropsychological functioning, inflammatory and cardiovascular disease... Read More