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H. Ewart Woolley, MD

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Letters / September 2002

Those who have traveled the road to the River and stood on its very brink will reflect on their own emotions, emotions which are described with perception and sensitivity by Dr Erik Paterson, “Feelings on encountering a... Read More

Letters / March 2002

Dr Krisman laments the end of the era of vaginal delivery of babies presenting by the breech.[1] His feelings are understandable, for few skills in the obstetrical armamentarium can equal those involved in the... Read More

Letters / November 2001

Dr Ray Baker, as chair of the Committee on Addiction Medicine, argues forcefully against the legalization, decriminalization, and medicalization of marijuana in “More reefer madness” [BCMJ 2001;43(6):362]. Dr Baker... Read More

Letters / June 2001

Both Dr J.A. Wilson and Dr Marshall Dahl have drawn attention to the abysmal lack of medical direction in the regional hospital boards (BCMJ 2001;43(2):60 and 65). From a doctrinaire political viewpoint, there were... Read More

Letters / January/February 2001

A report in the British press (Sunday Telegraph 24 September 2000:4) states that 39 patients at two fertility clinics in Hampshire have been told that their frozen embryos are missing or unusable. Ten were patients... Read More