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H. Ewart Woolley, MD

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Letters / June 2005

Dr R.W. McGraw, professor emeritus of the Department of Orthopaedics, University of British Columbia, in a personal communication, points out, in the most courteous manner, as is his wont, that the external fixation... Read More

Letters / May 2005

Of the boons vouchsafed to humanity, the discovery and development of penicillin is one of the greatest. That golden era has passed and few, if any, new discoveries are in prospect. Dr Patrick and his colleagues (... Read More

Editorials / May 2005

In his editorial, “Forced retirement” (BCMJ 2005;47[4]:165), Dr Anthony Salvian decries the fact that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not protect the rights of physicians working at the... Read More

Letters / March 2005

In his editorial “Conflicts of interest,” Dr James A. Wilson writes, “I have no faith in the reported results of these treatments/devices, and will continue to disregard them until properly designed studies are... Read More

Letters / December 2004

Now that the ruling body in Canada, the Supreme Court, has decreed that patients should have access to their charts, it is appropriate that steps should be taken to ensure that the law will be upheld and the article by... Read More

Letters / March 2004

A sequence of events leads me to take the liberty of suggesting that a considerable number of physicians may, through a very simple measure, make their lives much better. Whilst clearing away some old files I... Read More

Letters / September 2003

Dr Ashley Krisman speaks with authority when he decries the transfer of medical and nursing education from the hospital bedside to the university and college classroom (BCMJ 2003;45[5]:210). He has experienced both... Read More