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David R. Richardson, MD

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Dr David Richardson joined the BCMJ Editorial Board in 2006, and became editor of the Journal in August 2008. Dr Richardson has been a general practitioner in Langley since 1992 and is on active staff at Langley Hospital. His extracurricular activities include soccer, mountain biking, and competing as a triathlete.

Editorials / March 2018

I was an active child, or should I confess that perhaps “clumsy” would be a better description? I always seemed to be falling and would often lead with my least valuable body part—my head. I cut my chin jumping into a... Read More

News / December 2017

We would like to thank Dr Anne Clarke for her significant contribution to the BCMJ Editorial Board over the last 6 years. Dr Clarke has decided to broaden her career as an emergency physician by moving to... Read More

Editorials / October 2017

When I enter my office examination rooms, patients are often interacting with their smart phones. My demographic (let’s call them the old-timers) are usually playing solitaire or some other game. I often ask the younger... Read More

Editorials / September 2017

“Hey neighbor, just going to spread some carcinogens around. Hope that’s okay, but it’s not like you can stop me anyway.” Like many of us, I love summer evenings spent lounging on my deck, but I live in a condominium... Read More

Editorials / July/August 2017

“This hundred-year-old female was admitted feeling poorly. We didn’t do much, but she felt a bit better after a few days and went home.” It is possible that I once produced a discharge summary similar to the one... Read More