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David R. Richardson, MD

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Dr David Richardson joined the BCMJ Editorial Board in 2006, and became editor of the Journal in August 2008. Dr Richardson has been a general practitioner in Langley since 1992 and is on active staff at Langley Hospital. His extracurricular activities include soccer, mountain biking, and competing as a triathlete.

Editorials / January/February 2017

“So, Bob, did you receive your flu shot yet?” “Doc, I don’t want one because last year that shot gave me the flu.” “What do you mean?” “Well, 2 days after my visit I came down with a runny nose and a cough.” “You... Read More

Editorials / December 2017

“Hey Doc, I hope you don’t mind that I looked you up?”“Bob, are you stalking me again?”“No, I checked you out online at that Rate-Your-MD thingy.”In case you have been living without Internet access in a cave somewhere... Read More

Editorials / May 2016

I recently filled out a number of forms for one of my palliative patients. For those uninitiated in this process, there are quite a few boxes to complete, and in my case I forgot to enter the diagnosis in one of them.... Read More

Editorials / December 2016

It was a dark and stormy night—at least it was while I was writing this editorial in late October. Hopefully by the time these words are published our neighbors to the south will have made history by electing their... Read More