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Issue: BCMJ, vol. 47, No. 3, April 2005, Pages 386-387 WorkSafeBC

Industry experts help with return-to-work planning

Since last fall, WorkSafeBC (the WCB) has been developing claims/health care management teams that specialize in specific industries. The aim is to build teams of experts who understand the demands of a particular type of job, including the work environment, equipment, and return-to-work options for workers in that industry. Both the injured worker and the employer benefit when the WorkSafeBC team dealing with a claim understands the job, company, and industry.

Most of our industry teams are based in the geographic area where the worker is employed. However, there are some large companies whose claims are handled through one centralized WorkSafeBC office. That office might be in a community some distance from where the injured worker is located. In those cases, you’ll receive a call from a WorkSafeBC industry specialist from out of your area.

Who to contact

To access the appropriate industry team, ask your patient for the name of his or her case manager, and then contact that individual. If you have medical concerns, contact a medical advisor (see facing page) in the nearest WorkSafeBC office. In some cases, a nurse advisor working with your patient’s WorkSafeBC team will call you to discuss a return-to-work plan.

Does your patient require expedited services?

Here’s what you need to know

To facilitate an early return to work for injured workers, the BCMA/WCB Contract allows attending physicians to refer those workers to specialists for expedited services such as consultations, diagnostic investigations, surgery, and anesthesia. In most instances these services must be performed within 15 business days of the date of referral.

As long as the injured worker has an active wage-loss claim for that condition, you do not require authorization by a WorkSafeBC officer. To check the validity of an injured worker’s claim, call your local WorkSafeBC office or check the claims status online at Worksafebc.com.

Need help arranging for expedited services? Contact WorkSafeBC’s Visiting Specialist Clinic (VSC). If, for example, an injured worker requires expedited diagnostic investigations such as MRI/CT scans—or expedited surgery where orthopaedic surgeons cannot provide these services—fax a referral letter to the VSC at 604 214-6799 or, on your Form 11, indicate that a referral is required.

For non-emergency surgery done outside the VSC—whether expedited or not—surgeons must have pre-authorization from WorkSafeBC.

—Don Graham, MD
WorkSafeBC Chief Medical Officer


Click here to download the list below in PDF format [Requires Adobe Reader]

Medical advisor listing

Letter* Office Medical advisor Telephone Letter* Office Medical advisor Telephone
A Nanaimo Dr N. Byrne
Dr M. Flesher
Dr C. Kotze
250 751-8073
250 751-8082
250 751-8033
S Kamloops Dr R. Hillis 
Dr T. Dundas
250 979-4137
250 371-6017
B Burnaby Dr M. Dalgarno 
Dr K. Jiwa
604 232-5948
604 232-5939
U Abbotsford Dr M. Dunn 
Dr J. Evans
604 556-2082
604 556-2058
D North 
Dr M. Bulger 
Dr G. Franklin 
Dr A. McNestry
604 232-1503
604 232-1506
604 232-1570
V Victoria Dr P. Hastings 
Dr J. Naismith
Dr D. Krawciw 
Dr P. Rothfels
250 881-7250
250 704-4216
250 704-4223
250 881-7257
E Prince
Dr N. Byrne 
Dr M. O’Driscoll
Dr A. Pousette 
Dr D. Bond
250 751-8073
604 232-1502
250 612-4939
250 561-3747
X Occupational disease 
claims (other than 
repetitive strain 
Dr Davison 
Dr B. Whitehead

Dr S. Martin 
Dr S. Youakim

604 231-8459
604 276-3286
ext 1291

250 704-4226
250 881-3490

G Surrey Dr B. Mittermaier
 Dr W. Neufeld 
Dr J. Friesen 
Dr G. Struthers
604 232-7041
604 232-7042
604 232-7087
604 232-7036
Y Courtenay Dr A. Biro 
 Dr D. Jarman
250 334-8783
250 334-8711
H/I Richmond/
South Van
Dr V. Corvalan-Grossling 
Dr P. Kudo 
Dr D. Newman 
Dr J. Robinson
Dr S. Sharma 
Dr J. Robinson 
Dr I. Van der Meer
604 232-7706

604 231-8696
604 207-1480
604 232-5874
604 276-3052
604 232-5874
604 232-7169

Varied Disability Awards Dr D. Smith 
Dr B. Carruthers
Dr R. Loyer 
Dr S. Ragheb 
Dr H. Kwan 
Dr J. Rostvig 
Dr L. Leifso
250 704-4225
604 231-8369
604 233-5323
604 279-7519
604 231-8847
604 232-7030
604 232-7022
J Coquitlam Dr S. Buchan 
Dr D. Wiebe 
Dr J. Robinson 
(RSI claims)
604 232-1950
604 232-1906
604 232-5874
Varied Special Care 
 Services/ Disability Awards
Dr M. Dray 604 276-3042
N Nelson Dr J. Chang 
Dr C. Knox
604 232-5849
250 354-5729
Varied Head Office 
Claims Unit (CSI)
Dr T. Faraday 604 231-8446
P Kelowna Dr A. Henry 
Dr L. Lypchuk 
Dr R. Schilling
250 979-4161
250 979-4123
250 717-4320
Toll-free numbers
For 250 numbers: 1 888 922-6622
For 604 numbers: 1 888 967-5377
R Terrace Dr D. Baron 604 232-1574

WorkSafeBC’s 6th Annual Physician Education Conference
Saturday, 15 October 2005 • Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna
7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Conference highlights
• Diagnosing and Treating Common Industrial Injuries: Lessons from a Sports Medicine Specialist—Mike Wilkinson, MBBCh, MBA, CMA, Dip. Sport Med.
• The Shoulder: Pearls for the Family Practitioner—Robert Hawkins, MD, FRCSC

Workshop highlights
• How Do I Know if My Patient Can Work: The Evidence; The Practical Application in the Office—Bill Clifford, MScF, MD, CCFP, FCFP
• The Practical Examination of the Hand and Wrist—Don Krawciw, BSc, BASc, MD, CCFP, Dip. Sport Med.
• A Potpourri of Occupational Diseases—Sami Youakim, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC

Winery workshop highlights
• Worksite harvest activities and grape-crushing activities
• Develop a medically appropriate return-to-work plan for a wine industry worker

Wine and cheese reception—Gray Monk Estate Winery
For more information, contact Jill Musser at 604 276-3329. Registration deadline: 7 October 2005. To download registration form, visit the Health Care Provider Centre at www.WorkSafebc.com.

Don Graham, MD, CCFP. Updates from WorkSafeBC. BCMJ, Vol. 47, No. 3, April, 2005, Page(s) 386-387 - WorkSafeBC.

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