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Susan E. Haigh, MD

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Dr Haigh has been in private practice in endocrinology and metabolism on the North Shore since 1986 and is on active staff at Lions Gate Hospital. Dr Haigh also provides consult services in Squamish.

Editorials / November 2015

Over the past few months I have taken on a number of small (at least I thought they would be small) projects in my mother’s home and my own. Some turned out to be bigger jobs than anticipated, some were necessities, and... Read More

Editorials / November 2012

I was in the gym the other day and ran into a piano teacher who remembered me from a few years ago when I took part in a recital at her home. These recitals took place twice a year and were a source of anxiety for me,... Read More

Editorials / October 2010

Until recently, type 2 diabetes mellitus was almost unheard of in children, but over the past few years there has been a significant increase in incidence of this condition in children and adolescents. It has occurred... Read More

Editorials / January/February 2010

It didn’t seem so long ago that the idea of becoming old wasn’t in my mindset. I remember thinking that when my parents were in their 50s they were ancient, not considering that barring some accident or illness, I would... Read More