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Robert Shepherd, MD

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Letters / June 2017

In training we learned about pathophysiology, empathetic interviewing, choosing tests, making a differential diagnosis, recommending a treatment, and always supporting the patient to improve quality of life and to... Read More

Letters / July/August 2016

Colleague Dr C., while trying to clear his desk before going on vacation, got frustrated with the endless requests for more information about a Special Authority request and jotted, “Quit wasting my time!” on the paper... Read More

Letters / December 2013

I am writing in regard to the Council on Health Promotion article in the October issue of the BCMJ [The senior driver in BC: Reaching the 80-year milestone BCMJ 2013;55:380]. A driver’s licence is... Read More

Letters / November 2013

Dr Richardson asked if one would order cortisol levels because a patient told her that her naturopath said she needed them checked, order hormones for someone who wants to start bioidentical hormones, order X-rays of... Read More

Letters / November 2012

Dr Richardson is right that Harley Davidson motorcycles are too loud [“Summer rant,” BCMJ 2012;54:321]. Movie theatres present another noise issue. I wear earplugs when I go to a movie because the intensity of... Read More

Letters / December 2011

Jeremy Smith wrote that the acceptance of EMR is much lower than 90% among solo or small practices[1] and he reviewed the experience of four doctors who graduated from medical school in or prior to 1983 or who have been... Read More