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David R. Richardson, MD

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Dr David Richardson joined the BCMJ Editorial Board in 2006, and became editor of the Journal in August 2008. Dr Richardson has been a general practitioner in Langley since 1992 and is on active staff at Langley Hospital. His extracurricular activities include soccer, mountain biking, and competing as a triathlete.

Editorials / November 2011

I’m afraid I’m not a very good Canadian. I don’t eat much back bacon, seldom wear a toque and don’t really like the way our great late novelist, Robertson Davies, writes. He uses a fifty dollar word when a five cent... Read More

Editorials / October 2011

““Hey Dad, how’s the new car?”    “Not so good,” he replies.  “There’s a red light flashing on the dashboard.” “How is it running?” I ask. “Fine. I only notice the light when I get out and lock... Read More

Editorials / September 2011

“Whack!” That was the sound of the sucker punch contacting my skull. Those who know me well would likely suggest more of a hollow sound. Perhaps thunk would be better.  I wrote an editorial, “Pinch me,” in the... Read More

Editorials / July/August 2011

As physicians we see humanity at its greatest and, I had thought until recently, at its lowest. However, after a holiday that included numerous airplane trips I’ve changed my mind. People are at their worst, without a... Read More

Editorials / June 2011

“Every morning, I thank God I am alive and I thank God I have a job.” I was recently on a cruise floating down the beautiful Rhine River when I heard these words. The staff aboard were mostly from eastern European... Read More

Editorials / May 2011

Due to the structural integrity of our Cheez Whiz-reinforced DNA, the baby boomer generation is going to last for a while, creating a problem. As this huge demographic wave hits retirement, our med­ical system is going... Read More

Editorials / March 2011

Privilege is defined as a right or benefit enjoyed by a person beyond the advantages of most, which is often a source of pleasure to that individual. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about hospital privileges.... Read More