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Anthony Walter, MD

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Letters / October 2022

While getting a haircut recently (for a price higher than the $31 average family practice fee) I was thinking about Dr David Chapman’s editorial, “Valuing time and care” [BCMJ 2022;64:197]. My 40 years as a GP began... Read More

Letters / March 2022

Thanks to Drs Hawley and Gallagher for their helpful articles about opioid prescribing in the November 2021 issue of the BCMJ. They should be required study for primary care physicians, especially those reluctant to... Read More

Letters / September 2017

Dr Grant McCormack’s experience during an in-flight emergency [BCMJ 2017;59:254] raises important questions. He was asked to sign a form to take full responsibility for a patient’s care. Does CMPA coverage pertain... Read More