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NOTE: The CME Calendar section will be discontinued as of 31 January 2024. To place a CME ad as of February 2024, use the Events section in Classified listings. Standard classified rates will apply.

Online listings are updated weekly.

To advertise upcoming CME events: Click the PLACE AN AD button, and complete our online ad-submission form.
If you have any questions, contact Tara Lyon
Tel: 604 638-2815


  • There is a monthly charge of $75 plus GST per ad (maximum 1000 characters: approximately 150 words).
  • Payment is required online at the time you place the ad (via Visa or MasterCard).
  • We do not accept cheques.
  • You may start your ad online as of this week (new ads are posted every Friday).
  • You may cancel your online ad as of this week (cancelled ads are removed from the website every Friday).
  • There are no refunds for cancelled ads.