Your mini-profile is available

Your 2016 mini-profile is now available to you exclusively online.

The profile provides you with statistics based on the Medical Services Plan (MSP) payments made to you for services provided in the 2016 calendar year, including any settlements or retroactive payments issued as of 31 March 2017. This information allows you to monitor your billings in comparison to your peer group.

Also in the data are claims paid by MSP, on behalf of ICBC and WSBC. The profiles are an accurate reflection of claims submissions and payments made for the claims record that identified you as the physician who provided the service, or in the case of referred services, identified you as the referring practitioner. Click here to log in and view.

More information:
Read the FAQs and explanatory notes for more information.

For questions or help understanding your profile, please contact Juanita Grant at or by phone at 604 638-2829 or toll-free at 1 800 665-2262.

—Juanita Grant
Manager, Audit and Billing
Physician & External Affairs
Doctors of BC

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