UBC Medicine Spring Gala 2022

The UBC Medicine Spring Gala is a yearly celebration of the visual and performing arts where UBC medical students come together to showcase their talents and passions outside the medical realm. It is a beloved event that brings together the entire medical community and promotes connection, healing, and shared appreciation of creative expression. 

Spring Gala 2022 is officially back in person! The goal is to allow UBC medical students and the general medical community to reconnect after 2 years apart, as well as to highlight the resiliency of our community. The show will take place at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver on Saturday, 23 April at 7 p.m., featuring performances from instrumentalists, vocalists, and dancers, all from a variety of styles and genres. It will also feature a virtual art show of incredible visual artworks created by medical students and alumni for the audience to view before, during, or after the show. 

As in previous years, all proceeds from the 2022 gala will go to the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society. The centre provides programs in health and welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation, and equality for all genders of Indigenous people of all ages.

A performance isn’t complete without an audience. Students, alumni, friends and family, and other members of the medical community are an essential part of this celebration every year. UBC medical students would be honored to have your support and attendance!

Tickets for the show can be accessed at: 
•    Attend in person ($20): https://tickets.ubc.ca/Online/default.asp 
•    Join us online ($5): https://trellis.org/medgala2022

—Manisha Jogendran

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