Statement from a group of Iranian health care workers in North America

Protest held in Vancouver on 19 November to support detained, missing, and killed health care workers in Iran.

We, a group of North American health care workers with Iranian origins (including physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health groups), stand in solidarity and in one voice with the brave people of Iran fighting for freedom and democracy.

According to the Geneva Convention, under no circumstances shall any health care worker be punished for carrying out medical activities, and persons engaged in medical activities shall not be compelled to carry out work contrary to the rules of medical ethics.

In the past few weeks, Iranian health care workers have been systematically subjected to harassment, intimidation, and threats from the Iranian government. They have been detained and tortured while in custody and forced to provide false statements under duress. They have been humiliated and abused, both physically and mentally. Our colleagues have been forced to flee their country solely due to caring for injured protesters, a task that is the very core of their profession.

We have clear goals for this movement, which are as follows:
1. Immediate and unconditional release of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses.
2. Cessation of pursuit and arrest of the wounded protestors in all hospitals and clinics.
3. Cessation of all forms of threats and harassment that prevent the delivery of prompt and quality care by the health care team.
4. Immediate cessation of violent attacks on health care workers while on duty.
5. Prohibit all security forces and plainclothes officers from entering hospitals or medical facilities, arresting injured protestors or the health care team who are assisting them.
6. Stop using ambulances as military vehicles carrying regime’s security personnel instead of injured patients.

We call on all human rights organizations and international communities to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran, a signatory to the Geneva Convention treaties, to adhere to these treaties and hold it accountable otherwise.
—Saeed G. Zavareh, MD, MHSc, ABIM, FRCPC 
—Mahyar Etminan, PharmD, MSc
—Hamidreza Abdi, MD, FRCSC 
—Katayoun Rahnavardi, MD, CCFP, COE 
—Ahmad Ramin Setayesh, MD, CCFP 
—Setareh Banihosseini, MD, PhD 
—Foroozan Ghohari, MD, CCFP
—Mahshid Gharedaghi, MD, CCFP 
—Sanaz Gharedaghi, MD, CCFP 
—Sima Amid, MD, CCFP
—Farshid Razaghi, MD, FRCPC 
—Majid Moteabbed, MD, FRCPC
—Ramak Shadmani, MD, MSc, CCFP 
—Sirous Jafarian, MD, CCFP 
—Sepideh Pojhan, MD, CCFP
—Mehdi Shahsavan, MD, CCFP 
—Abbas Moshkforoush, MD, CCFP 
—Paria kian, MD
—Mojdeh Sharafudin, MD, CCFP 
—Parisa Soltani MD, FRCPC 
—Marzieh Shafie, MD, CCFP, COE 
—Roudabeh Hassani, MD, CCFP 
—Honey Adibi, MD
—Mehdi Mirsaiedi, MD, MPH
—Sanam Javidanbardan, MD, CCFP 
—Hamid Masoudi, MD, FRCPC 
—Kamyar Keramatian, MD, FRCPC 
—Babak Fanaei, MD, CCFP 
—Farzad Rezvani, MD, CCFP
—Mahsa Moeen-Alsadat, MD, FRCPC 
—Zhila Fazeli, MD, FRCPC
—Nahal Vessal, DMD, MSCD, FRCDC 
—Maryam Yoosefi, MD, MPP, CCFP 
—Mohammad khatami Toussi, MD, CCFP 
—Helen Heydari, MD, CCFP
—Maryam Yazdanpanah, MD, FRCPC 
—Amir Besharati, MD, resident 
—Sharareh Behmanesh, MD, CCFP 
—Masoud Shahrokhi, MD, CCFP 
—Nasim Hemmati, MD, FRCPC
—Amin Aminbakhsh, MD, FRCPC, ABIM 
—Behnoosh Dashti, MD, CCFP
—Hoda Moin, MD
—Manijeh Bakhshi, MD, CCFP 
—Haleh Peiravi, MD, CCFP 
—Mohammad Ahadzadeh, MD
—Mojgan Taremi, MD, FRCPC 
—Mostafa Mostoufi, MD 
—Farzaneh Parsi, LPN
—Shiva Taymourian, RN, BN 
—Raziyeh Kazemi, LPN
—Lili Naghdi, MD CCFP, FCFP 
—Neda Abedi, MD, FRCPC
—Anita Aghabagheri, MD, CCFP 
—Abbas Azadian, MD, FRCPC 
—Elham Faghihnasiri, DDs 
—Hamed Afshari, MD, CCFP 
—Mojtaba Safakar, MD, FRCPC 
—Nazanine Ghossi, MD, CCFP 
—Hamid Ebadi, MD
—Shirin Kiani, MD, CCFP 
—Pegah Durham, MD, CCFP
—Fatemeh Bejaei, MD, CCFP 
—Roozbeh Ahmadi, MD, CCFP 
—Taiebeh Jukar, MD, FRCPC
—F. Babaki, MD, MScH
—Mokhtari, MD, resident 
—Alireza Sameni, MD, PhD, CCFP 
—Haleh Doulatyariazar, MD, CCFP 
—Touktam Bahri Irai, MD, CCFP 
—Mehdi Shadmani, MD 
—Anonymous, MD
—Anonymous, MD 
—Salma Bahreinian, MD, FRCPC 
—Anonymous, MD, FRCPC
—Soghra Jougheh Doust, MD, FRCPC 
—Nooshin Samadi, MD, FRCPC
—Shahnaz Solaimanpour, RTNM, NMTCB, CAMRT 
—Fatereh Akhlaghi, MD,CCFP
—Hamed Ghaffari, MD
—Faranak Sharifi Ghorveh, MD, FRCPC 
—Soroush Nejati, RPh, PharmD
—Fariba Nazemi, MD, FRCSC 
—Mitra Arjang, MD, CCFP
—Pejman Ayani, PharmD
—Farnaz Yoosefian, PharmD
—Anonymous, MD, LMCC
—Shahnaz Azimzadeh, MD, CCFP 
—M. Taher Shabani-Rad, MD, FRCPC 
—Behnaz Dobakhti, Pharmacist 
—Reza Mohammadirouhi, MD, CCFP 
—Azin Rouhi, MD, FRCPC
—Sahar Feizizadeh, Rph, PharmD 
—Robert (Rahim) Javidi, MD, FRCSC 
—Gity Mousavi, MD
—Nelda Saadat, MD
—Golmehr Sistani, MD, FRCPC 
—Azar Bahrami, MD, FRCPC 
—Nimâ Machouf, PhD
—Amir Khadir, MD 
—Ahmad Machouf, MD 
—Elaheh Chokrai, RN
—Tina Behboud, MD, CCFP
—Arian Iranmahboub, Rph, PharmD 
—Lida Mohammady, MD, CCFP 
—Morteza Pour-Mahdi, MD, CCFP
—Samira Jafari, Pharmacist 
—Sima Zolfaghari, MD
—Kamiar Alaei, MD, MPH, MS, DrPH
— د MSt Arash Alaei, MD
—Behnoosh Rahavard, MD 
—Mehrnaz Hadian, MD, JD 
—F. Hamed Ghaffari, MD 
—Hooman Bakhshi, MD 
—Attoussa Tabrizian, MD 
—Saeid Shahraz, MD
—Marjan Aleyasin, DDS 
—Negar Asdaghi, MD 
—Zahra Meyghani, MD 
—Firouzeh, RN
—Ali Vaeli Zadeh, MD
—Nooshin Bakhtiari, PharmD, RPh 
—Helia Fadaghi, PharmD, RPh 
—Azita Goshtasebi, MD, MPH, PhD 
—Farzin Rahmani, MBBS, FFA 
—Kourosh Eshafi, MD, CCFP 
—Shahab Majlesi, PharmD, RPh 
—Negar Hafizi, MD, CCFP
—Azadeh Elmi, MD 
—Hamidreza Masror, MD, MSc 
—Keivan Rahavard, PharmD 
—Saman Shafaat Talab, MD 
—Neda Valizadeh, MD
—Reza Sadat, MD
—Amirhossein Modabbernia, MD, PhD 
—Mehran Taherian, MD
—Oranus Mohammadi A. Tahmasebi, MD
—Hamid Khalili, MD, CCFP 
—Arash Abtahi, MD
—Nikta Marvdashti, DMD 
—Fatemeh Esfahani, MD 
—Ali Chashmkhavari, MD 
—Farshad Fereidouni, DDS
—Rojan Ghorbannejad, PharmD 
—Behrad Salehian, PharmD 
—Nina Masoom, MD
—Liyan Arasteh, OD 
—Sadaf Mirkarimi, MD 
—Pouya Nazari, MD
—Aida Moeini, MD 
—Nima Fatehi, MD
—Bahman Chavosha, MD 
—Arman Hemmat, MD 
—Mohammad Taghvaei, MD 
—Shokufeh Sadaghiani, MD 
—Touba Tarvirdizadeh, MD 
—Negin Karimian, MD PhD 
—Sahel Keshavarzi, MD 
—Armin Razi, MD

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