Placebo guy

I am a placebo guy.
Just fill in the blanks
Of my not knowing,
Ease my anxiety with kindness,
And the complaints and pain,
The doubts and frustrations,
Just seem to ease.
Share a moment.
Really. That’s all.
Listen and tell me it’s okay.
Give me a glimpse
Of who you are.
As I disclose myself to you.
With all your training and education
And experience,
Just your kindness and concern,
In a moment or two,
And you become a healer.
Perhaps, for me, a reassuring parent,
  Who’s understanding and comfort
  Allows me to shift perspective,
Navigate a different course.
Not alone.
For now, I know.
The unknowns losing their power,
I am no longer hijacked
By fear.
But calmed to live another day.

—Robert Gilgoff
(Retired) Registered Psychologist
College of Psychologists of BC


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