Nanaimo Division pain management workshop features CBT expert Dr Daniel O’Connell

Supporting patients to reduce their dependence on opioids for pain management is an important component in addressing the opioid crisis in BC. To ensure physicians are well-equipped to provide patients with pain management alternatives, many divisions of family practice around the province have organized pain management education sessions and workshops

As part of this work, the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice has partnered with the Nanaimo Medical Staff Engagement Society, the Shared Care Committee, and the Practice Support Program to host a Chronic Pain Workshop on 27 January 2018, providing physicians with holistic, nonpharmacological approaches to managing chronic pain that they can use in their day-to-day contact with patients. 

The workshop will feature internationally renowned CBT expert Dr Daniel O’Connell, who will present tools and techniques that physicians can embed into their practices to help patients better manage their pain without opiates. Topics will include mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and therapeutic techniques and strategies to prevent transition from subacute to chronic pain.

Dr O’Connell is a regular contributor to the annual College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia’s Pain & Suffering Symposium, and this workshop will provide a rare opportunity for local doctors and health care providers to hear him speak on Vancouver Island.

To register for the workshop, which is accredited for 5 Mainpro+ credits, contact the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice at To learn more about pain management and opioid prescribing resources created by divisions of family practice, click here.

—Tara Lyon
Communications Officer, Divisions of Family Practice
Doctors of BC

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