Help BC Hear Better: Petition

The Help BC Hear Better Group is a passionate team of health care professionals, researchers, and people with hearing loss who want improved access to hearing health care in British Columbia.

The goal of Help BC Hear Better is to improve access to hearing health care, including funding support for hearing aids, especially for vulnerable populations most adversely affected by hearing loss: children and seniors. 

We have developed a petition asking the BC Legislative Assembly to consider funding a hearing aid program for British Columbia. Please consider signing the petition to show your support for improved access to hearing health care for our vulnerable populations in BC. 

Scan the QR code below or follow this link to take you directly to the petition. For more information about Help BC Hear Better, go to
—Craig Stevenson

QR code to the Help BC Hear Better petition

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George Szasz, CM MD says: reply

Living with a hearing aid I totally support "Help BC Hear Better"...
I hope that the program would also include approaching restaurants to provide some "quieter" seating areas for their many customers with hearing difficulties. Restaurant noise overwhelms hearing aids....

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