In altered times

In altered times we live
Each day seeming the same
Structure and routine lessened
Their passing marked only by fading daylight and another sunrise
Each day longer than the last

It is not easy, feeling the rush and pause of tumultuousness
All the while anticipating the worst
We hear the stories of our comrades across the globe
And we wait, with bated breath
Nothing more to do than wait
And pray we have been doing all the right things to lessen the potential devastation

In altered times we wait
We respond
And then we wait some more

In this waiting we have found our strengths
We have seen the best in each other
We have come together in solidarity
In trust, and in teamwork
We have found courage
Commitment to our calling
Light shines bright in the darkness of the eve of battle

In altered times we live
May this strength and courage hold strong
As the battle begins
As our courage and commitment are challenged
May we remember that we have each other
That we are all in this together
That none of us are alone, in these altered times

—Jennifer Baxter, MD
Gibsons, BC

George Szasz says: reply

Hi Dr Baxter - very touching "poem".
Have you written others? Published?
Very best wishes, and thanks.
George Szasz

Jenn Baxter says: reply

Thank you for your kind words George. I have written for myself previously, but have not published any works.

Lana W. says: reply

So appropriate and well done.
I salute you!

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