Medical crossword

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    1  Credited with being the founder of ancient Egyptian medicine

    5  Pioneer in the use of the electrocardiograph, Dr. Paul Dudley ___

    8  Openings

    9  1905 prize winner for his scientific discoveries in medicine

  10  Test for efficacy

  11  English physician who described blood circulation

  12  One of the founders of bacteriology

  13  Fractured bone holder

  15  A radioactive metallic element that is similar to tellurium and bismuth

  18  Cooling device

  19  Roentgen's development

  22  Discoverer of penicillin

  24  Former device used for optical character recognition

  25  In good shape

  26  He invented the stethoscope, ___ Laennec

  31  First name of the pioneer who first observed bacteria and microorganisms through a microscope

  33  Basic structural units of organisms

  35  Meadow muncher

  36  German for “the”

  37  ____ Landsteiner described blood compatibility and developed the ABO system of blood typing

  38  Bad idea (2 words)

  39  Laughter sound



    1  Mischievous one

    2  The earliest known physician, "Chief of Dentists and Physicians" in ancient Egypt

    3  University think-pieces

    4  Skin opening

    5  One of the people who discovered the structure of DNA

    6  Nationality of Dr Francis Rynd who invented the hypodermic needle

    7  Swedish physiologist Ulf __

  11  Ball and socket joint

  12  Ruler

  13  Shallow container

  14  _____maker

  16  Wide of the mark

  17  Chow checker

  18  Repair

  20  ______ Ross, British officer who showed that malaria parasites are transmitted by mosquitoes

  21  Time period, for short

  23  He proved the principles of antisepsis in the treatment of wounds

  26  Poisonous powder from caster-oil bean

  27  He discovered the polio vaccine

  28  Singular

  29  Doctor who performed the first successful heart surgery

  30  Bones, anatomically

  32  Night hooter

  34  Musical note


. Medical crossword. BCMJ, Vol. 53, No. 3, April, 2011, Page(s) 137 - Back Page.

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