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Warren Bell, MD, CM, CCFP, FCFP(LM)

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Letters / October 2011

In the June edition of the BCMJ Dr Lloyd Oppel continues his long-standing crusade against non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical remedies [BCMJ 2011;53:217]. He evokes a tortured comparison between the famous Scopes... Read More

Letters / July/August 2006

In Dr James Miles’ unreflective volley against complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), entitled “Snake oil revisited: For doctors’ eyes only” (BCMJ 2006;48[1]:20-21), he suggests that the entire world outside... Read More

Letters / October 2002

I am writing to comment on Dr Brian Dixon-Warren’s request, which appeared in the June 2002 issue [BCMJ 2002;44(5):234], asking for feedback on the brochure entitled “Complementary and Alternative Therapies.” Dr... Read More