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Stephen Malthouse, MD,

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Letters / March 2013

We may be laughing at the lack of scientific credibility of tobacco smoke enemas as a cure-all in the 18th century [BCMJ 2012;54:496-497], but it is more than likely that our current-day practice of medicine will... Read More

Letters / May 2012

Dr Wong’s comments about homeopathy [Homeopathic medicine (arsenic and aconite) and Health Canada, BCMJ 2012;54:66] in which he quotes himself as a source, contain a number of inaccuracies and misconceptions.... Read More

Letters / September 2007

I would like to comment on Dr Oppel’s article, “Reality check needed for CME credits” (BCMJ 2007;49[3]:109-110), which cites my conference lectures on homeopathy as inappropriate CME accreditation on two occasions... Read More

Letters / July/August 2006

In Dr James Miles’ unreflective volley against complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), entitled “Snake oil revisited: For doctors’ eyes only” (BCMJ 2006;48[1]:20-21), he suggests that the entire world outside... Read More