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News / September 2007

BCMA-government partnership benefits family physicians Primary care renewal in British Columbia—long identified as key to health system sustainability—is finally getting the attention it needs to move from well-... Read More

News / June 2007

Agreement update PITO Program director. The search for the program director is nearing the end, with a decision expected in May. The successful candidate will oversee the implementation of electronic medical... Read More

News / May 2007

New childhood immunization fee codes As of 15 March 2007, new immunization fees for routine immunizations for patients age 18 and younger are available for billing. These fees were approved for services effective 1... Read More

News / April 2007

Book reviews Vancouver General Hospital: 100 Years of Care and Service by Donald Luxton. Vancouver General Hospital and Heather Heritage Society, 2006. Hardcover. $35. To order, contact the Heather Heritage... Read More

Letters / December 2006

The BCMA mail I am receiving increasingly says things like “important” or “deadline approaching,” or “act now.” Please, I accept that we have some corporate affiliates (e.g., critical illness insurance), but I do not... Read More

News / September 2006

BCMA web site review—the numbers After a web site is 3 to 4 years old, it is customary to look at how well it caters to its key users and what improvements can be made to its navigation, design, and content. The BCMA... Read More

News / June 2006

Six-year agreement ratified In early May the BCMA’s proposed deal with government was ratified by members. A total of 3561 BCMA members cast their ballot, with 94% voting in favor of accepting the 6-year deal. The... Read More

News / May 2006

Acute Resuscitation and Crisis Management: Acute Critical Events Simulation (ACES). Edited by David T. Neilipovitz. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2005. ISBN 0776605976. Paperback, 292 pages. $35. This book... Read More