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Ron Wilson, MD, CCFP

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Blue sport shoes with the laces making a heart
COHP / January/February 2013

I recently attended the 4th Congress of the International Society of Physical Activity and Health with conference attendees from around the world. I went mainly as an observer as I was not presenting anything. Thus, I... Read More

COHP / September 2012

Think Again is the name of Participaction’s campaign to raise awareness that children and youth are not as active as they should be, and many parents are unaware of the recommended level of activity for children. The... Read More

News / October 2009

The American Heart Association released a new guideline on dietary sugar intake in August 2009. Since 1970 dietary sugar intake has increased by 19%, adding about 76 calories per day. Soft drinks and other sugar-... Read More

COHP / April 2008

A recent study suggests that you’re better off being fat and fit than thin and inactive. If you are anything like me (one of those average people who put on weight in their thirties and forties), once the weight is... Read More

Letters / March 2008

I was pleased to see the cover of the December issue dedicated to Ralph Paffenbarger, a long-time advocate of the role of physical activity in lowering the risk of heart disease [“Exercise and the heart: A review of the... Read More

COHP / May 2006

It’s not hard to come across a news headline highlighting yet another health problem that could be prevented, reduced, or treated by increasing physical activity. A physically active lifestyle not only prevents... Read More