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Ray Baker, MD

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Letters / May 2008

Drs Krausz and Marsh [BCMJ 2008;50(1):15] refer to the benefits of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) while attemp­ting to make their argument for stimulant substitution. It took 20 to 30 years of clinical evaluation... Read More

Letters / January/February 2008

The provision of stable safe housing, social supports, coun­seling, and a regular family physician to substance-addicted people on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is clearly one of the most exciting and potentially... Read More

Letters / July / August 2001

Dr Shearer’s editorial (BCMJ; 2001;43[4]:193) immediately grips the reader by describing the anxiety, defensiveness, and anger we feel when the quality of care we provide our patients is challenged by our College. He... Read More

COHP / July / August 2001

The federal government is conducting hearings on the legal status of marijuana that could result in a marked increase in the prevalence of substance use disorders. It seems that the predominant voice being heard is that... Read More