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Ralph Jones, MD

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Back Page / December 2013

All across our physician nation we have heard the dread news: doctors are now required to keep records for 16 years. The looming deadline has sent us scurrying into our basements to pare down our stock. Finally having... Read More

Letters / April 2013

I would like to respond to Dr Jim Bus­ser’s letter published this month and to the letter by Dr Busser and Dr Webb published in the January-February issue [Rebooting the BCMA. BCMJ 2013;55(1):10].... Read More

Letters / September 2007

There are major changes to the UK state pension scheme in progress. Anyone who worked in the UK for 3 years (and possibly even 1 year) is entitled to some portion of a UK state pension. You can pay back up to 7 years... Read More

Letters / July/August 2005

The passport office has recently insisted that I hand write the office address, instead of using a stamp. They claim they cannot read stamps at times. They haven’t seen my handwriting! They said they had been letting... Read More

Letters / May 2003

It’s a funny old world. In my clinic this afternoon I was showing a patient a page in our fee guide, stating the fee for lifestyle advice. My patient is involved in federal initiatives for tobacco cessation. She was... Read More