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Mike Figurski, MD, CA-CPHIMS

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Letters / May 2019

I thank Dr Ocana for his insightful article, “Cannabis use by adolescents: Practical implications for clinicians” [BCMJ 2018;61:14-19]. I would, however, question his conclusion that “there are more accidental overdoses... Read More

Letters / May 2017

I enjoyed the patient medical home article in the January/February issue (BCMJ 2017;59:15-17) but would offer possible corrections to the origins of the patient medical home. Paragraph 3 states that the “overall... Read More

Letters / April 2008

I would like to thank Dr Potter-Cogan for his enlightened comments regarding advantages of open source solutions for electronic medical records [BCMJ 2008;50(1):12-13]. I too encouraged the PITO Committee to include... Read More