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Michael A. Ross, MD, FRCSC

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Letters / November 2016

For most families in BC the dinner hour of 6 p.m. and onward is a time for coming together to eat and enjoy some relaxation after the work of the day. For a family or individual to be deprived of this expectation... Read More

Letters / June 2009

After 50 years as a member of the BCMA I feel comfortable in expressing some observations. I am disappointed. The BCMA has remained a most di­visive organization, as destructive and irreconcilable as the divisions of... Read More

Obituaries / September 2008

1950–2008 Dr David Doty died just before the official beginning of summer. His fractured family origins likely steeled his self-dependence and striking individuality. Only recently did he discover his entire saga and... Read More