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Michael Goldberger, MD

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Letters / November 2005

I was pleased to read the editorial by JAW in the September issue of theBCMJ (2005;47[7]:344-350) entitled, “Who will be the gatekeeper?” It was a well-written, nostalgic, and accurate commentary on the current sad... Read More

Editorials / December 2003

Use it or lose it is a frequently heard old adage. I wonder if it also applies to our style of medical practice in 21st century Western medicine. An old friend of mine worked as a physician on the cruise ships for... Read More

Editorials / April 2002

To say that doctors have had a tough time in British Columbia over the past 10 years is something of an understatement. Our gentlemen physicians of the BCMA, charged with our defence, had constructed an impressive... Read More

Editorials / June 2001

Few people seem to have commented on the growing number of orphan patients in, or rather out of, the medicare system of British Columbia. These people are unable to locate a family physician and therefore depend on walk... Read More