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Letters / March 2010

I appreciate Dr Leduc’s comments. Discussion is always valuable and this topic has significant complexities at times. My article was written to provide a brief overview of some of the issues surrounding authorizations... Read More

Senior woman with keys of the car
ICBC / March 2010

As the years pass, the number of motor vehicle drivers over the age of 65 steadily increases. Although there is no specific age at which drivers licences are suspended, drivers are required to complete a medical... Read More

ICBC / October 2009

In my September 2009 article (BCMJ 2009;51[7]:308) I discussed some aspects of injury claims, including: • ICBC accident benefits available as part of the basic vehicle insurance regardless of who is at- fault for the... Read More

ICBC / September 2009

In previous articles I have discussed some aspects of the medical management of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). I plan to use the next few articles to discuss MVA-related injuries from an insurance... Read More

ICBC / July/August 2009

Are you aware that medical visits for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) are paid for by ICBC and not the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP)? Ultimately, they are. Pur­suant to the Canada Health Act,... Read More

Young woman after being in a collision, holds her neck in pain
ICBC / June 2009

Earlier articles have discussed history and physical examination of the patient with whiplash-associated disorders. This article provides a brief overview of the role of imaging studies. Given the desire of the... Read More