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A. Krisman, MD

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Letters / September 2007

I thought my letter-writing days were over, but the headline “BC’s caesarean birth rate highest in country” (Vancouver Sun, 31 May 2007, p. A6) has driven me once more to the breach (no pun intended). When I began... Read More

Letters / December 2005

There are few things in life as satisfying as finding one’s prejudice in print. It was, therefore, with great pleasure that I read (from cover to cover mind you) the September 2005 issue of the Journal (2005;... Read More

Letters / January/February 2005

I expected a deluge of hate mail from the “cream skimmers” in response to my letter in the September BCMJ (2004;46[7]:322) suggesting that the walk-in clinician’s per visit fee be reduced to allow for higher... Read More

Letters / November 2003

In the BCMJ 2003; 45(5):210 I agreed with Dr George Price (BCMJ 2003; 45[2]:72-73) “that if good clinical teachers are to be re-recruited, they will have to be accorded compensation commensurate with their... Read More

Letters / November 2003

I was not surprised to read in the 29 August 2003 Vancouver Sun that the cesarean section rate in BC has risen to 27.9%. Increases in maternal age, fetal weight, and multiple pregnancy account for some part of the rise... Read More

Letters / June 2003

I appreciate Dr George Price’s letter “Re: Learning and teaching med,” (BCMJ 2003;45[2]:72-73). I too believe that medical education suffered when professors and GFTs took over much of the teaching formerly done by... Read More

Letters / June 2002

I read with interest (BCMJ 2002;44[2]:68) Dr Woolley’s typically articulate rebuttal to my earlier letter expressing my sadness over the disappearance of vaginal breech delivery. My thoughts wandered back to several... Read More

Letters / December 2001

I enjoyed JAW’s editorial (“Rejuvenated image,” BCMJ 43(7):378) which suggests that if nurses resumed the wearing of traditional uniforms they would inspire greater confidence, appreciation, and respect from patients,... Read More

Letters / July / August 2001

I read in the June 23 issue of the Vancouver Sun that yet another nail has been driven into the coffin of the art of obstetrics. (“Hospitals adopt cesareans for breech babies,” and “Natural breech births abandoned by... Read More