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Dr Peter Doris
Obituaries / March 2019

Dr Peter Doris grew up in Ontario. He was a medical student at Queen’s University at Kingston and later a general surgeon at affiliated hospitals. Mid-career he moved to Surrey, BC, where he was quickly recognized... Read More

Obituaries / September 2013

1930–2012 Renee Ryan was one of seven children born into a banking family in Regina. To her parents’ surprise, she announ­ced in her late teens that she had been accepted at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario,... Read More

Obituaries / June 2011

1933–2011 Dr Clive Thompson, one of the most delightful persons to know, was born in Twickenham, London, on 7 August 1933. He grew up there with his three brothers until 1940, when, as a 7-year-old, he was one of... Read More

Obituaries / November 2008

1935–2008 Colin Smailes was born in Yorkshire, England, and became a fourth-generation physician of the Smailes family. Educated at the Leys School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he later qualified from the Royal... Read More