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John de Couto, MD,

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Letters / October 2012

Once more I am justified in my respect for Dr R. Gallagher—I very much appreciated her thoughtful COHP ar-ticle, “Quality of death,” in the July/August issue [BCMJ 2012;54:292-293]. Her comments reflect what I... Read More

Letters / May 2011

I so felt a kinship to Dr David Rich­ardson and Dr Cynthia Ver­chere who wrote about two issues I have felt quite unhappy about for some time now.  Privileges, those which our “older generation” doctors were... Read More

Letters / June 2010

I take exception to the self-congratulatory perspective taken by Dr Brian Brodie over the results of the membership survey, a second after only 2 years.  This latest is presented in graphic form by Ipsos Reid as... Read More

Letters / October 2009

I practised over 20 years along conventional lines with primary obstetrics care, hospital care including serving orphaned patients on rota for what was then called “doctor of the day,” and so forth. I now serve my... Read More