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Letters / May 2014

Dr Rety is a remarkable fellow and I well remember when, as a member of the BCMA’s Communications Committee, he advanced the idea of renaming the BCMA to Doctors BC. We liked the idea and used it as a tagline for some... Read More

Obituaries / July/August 2011

1931–2011 Long ago Brooklyn Dodger manager Leo Durocher said that “nice guys finish last.” But then, Leo the Lip never met Dr Bob Young, the remarkable Victoria family doctor who time and again showed that nice guys... Read More

News / April 2011

The first recipient of the BCMA’s Dr David Bachop Gold Medal has once again been honored, this time by the University of Victoria. Dr Bob Young was celebrated at the university’s Distinguished Alumni Awards banquet in... Read More

Letters / September 2009

The creativity and symbolic content of the Journal covers are well known and well regarded, but the June 2009 cover (“Alcohol and the heart”) surpasses all in its pure genius. —Jim Gilmore Former director... Read More

Letters / September 2002

The BCMA should be ashamed of the cover illustration for the leaflet “7800 Doctors Have Done Everything They Can.” Not for the inside copy, which was well written and organized, but for the picture of a physician, his... Read More