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Jim Busser, MD, FRCPC, MHSc,

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Letters / January/February 2013

Memberships must sometimes, in our personal view, look beyond what their Board has done, to what it hasn’t. Our BCMA Board has not examined what is achieved by annually spending $18 million in mostly members’ dues,... Read More

Letters / April 2012

Our years on the BCMA Board have made it plain that we need two changes to our bylaws. Ballots for member approval are to be mailed out by late April. The first change will be to require term rotation for BCMA... Read More

Letters / October 2010

The Journal’s feature on the An­nual General Meeting [BCMJ 2010;52:290-293] hinted at prob­lems that warrant expansion. While the segue to Zafar Essak and Caroline Wang bears no comment, to write that their business... Read More